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Vaginal revitalization can boost your wellness by reducing vaginal dryness and tissue laxity that can cause daily discomfort and interfere with your sex life. At Gwinnett's Progressive Healthcare for Women in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Denise B. Pecht, MD, FACOG, restores your vaginal comfort with quick and pain-free TempSure® Vitalia radiofrequency treatments. Dr. Pecht performs vaginal rejuvenation at her practice, Places South, to help you overcome vaginal atrophy so you feel more confident and comfortable each day. Call or use the online tool to schedule your appointment today.

Vaginal Revitalization Q & A

What is vaginal revitalization?

Fluctuations in hormone levels, childbirth, and aging can cause a woman’s vaginal tissue to become thinner, more inflamed, dry, and lax. These tissue changes affect your day-to-day comfort and can make sexual intercourse unpleasant and even painful.

Vaginal revitalization restores your vaginal tissue health to improve your overall wellness. Dr. Pecht uses TempSure Vitalia, a gentle radiofrequency treatment that delivers therapeutic heat energy to enhance the strength and quality of the tissue in your most sensitive areas.

Improvements in your vaginal health, strength, and comfort are also achieved with MonaLisa Touch® laser treatments.

How is vaginal revitalization accomplished?

Gwinnett's Progressive Healthcare for Women uses the innovative TempSure Vitalia to stimulate your vaginal tissue with gentle radiofrequency energy to produce more collagen. Collagen is a major protein in all tissue, and more of it means greater tissue strength and resiliency.

During the treatment sessions, you relax on an exam table as you would for a pelvic exam. Dr. Pecht uses the TempSure Envi device with the sterile Vitalia attachment to send energy to your inner and outer vaginal areas.

The treatment is non-invasive and requires no anesthesia or numbing cream. Women describe feeling warmth and vibrations during TempSure Vitalia treatments, but no pain. Your entire appointment lasts between 30 minutes and one hour.  

Does vaginal revitalization require downtime?

You don’t need to schedule downtime after your visit. You may return to work or other normal daily activities. 

It’s normal to feel a bit of discomfort for a day or two after treatment. Dr. Pecht advises you to not have sexual intercourse or insert a tampon for 3-4 days following your TempSure Vitalia treatment.

How many treatments will I need to achieve vaginal revitalization?

You may notice a boost in your vaginal health and comfort after just one treatment session. These improvements continue over the course of several weeks as your tissue continues to develop more collagen.

Most women do best with a series of TempSure Vitalia treatments. Dr. Pecht customizes your treatment plan so you achieve your desired result.

To learn more about vaginal revitalization, call Gwinnett's Progressive Healthcare for Women or use the online tool to make an appointment today.