Abnormal Bleeding Symptoms

Abnormal Bleeding Symptoms

Abnormal bleeding in women can occur for a variety of reasons, which is why it is important to see your gynecologist and get to the root cause.

If you are dealing with bleeding at a higher frequency than with a normal period or outside of your regular menstrual cycles, it may be a symptom to discuss with your doctor.

Here are some examples of abnormal bleeding, requiring a gynecologist’s visit:

  • Bleeding or spotting between periods
  • Bleeding or spotting following sex
  • Heavy bleeding during your period
  • Prolonged period (lasting longer than 7-10 days)
  • Menstrual cycles longer than 38 days or shorter than 24 days
  • Irregular periods, meaning, when cycle length varies more than 7-9 days
  • Bleeding after menopause

What to expect

If you are experiencing abnormal bleeding and make an appointment to see your Gwinnett’s Progressive Healthcare for Women gynecologist, there are a few things you can expect during the course of your doctor visit.

Your doctor will take a comprehensive history, narrow down the details of any symptoms you may be dealing with, perform an exam, and perform diagnostic testing (ie, labs, ultrasound or other imaging, biopsy or hydroscopic) and discuss treatment/management options. It is important to take that first step and talk to your doctor.

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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call GPHW today to schedule an appointment.

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